What You’ll Like

Live Teaching

Provide live teaching opportunities for your pedagogy students

Coach & Evaulate

Use in pedagogy and Music Ed classes to coach & evaluate student comprehension of teaching methods

Accelerated Learning

Help your students refine their pedagogy skills through immediate application of learned methods to live students

National Exposure

Help more music students know about you and your program, nationwide


Use as a recruitment tool. Get to know potential music students in their early stages of music

Our Solution

Removing Common Obstacles for Parents & Students

Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts

24/7 access to online lesson content

US Music education

US music education is at the core of our lessons. Students learn the essentials

Lessons for Every Budget

Up to 75% less expensive than traditional 1 on 1 lessons

Access Lessons Anywhere

Quality lessons are available to all students no matter where they live. If you have internet access we’ve got you covered.


Lessons are adjusted to meet the needs of each student

Don't forget fun!

New music every week. Gaming element with leaderboards, levels, missions, badges & achievements (Coming Soon!)

How it Works

The Lessons

24/7 Accessibility

Our membership site is always open for lessons!

Lesson Format

Lessons contain audio, video, and written content

48 Weeks of Lessons

One new lesson a week for 48 weeks

Daily Lesson Plan

The student will always know what, and how to practice

Personal Follow Up

Follow up on lesson content occurs on a weekly basis


Feedback on student playing also occurs on a weekly basis

Stay in Contact

Parents can contact assigned instructor through email, anytime

Online Lesson Process

Inside the Lessons

An Overview


Lesson series for 5th-8th graders and high school students

Setup & Posture

Keep your saxophone safe and get a better tone


The essential and subtle steps for a controlled, mature tone


Learn to articulate quickly, accurately, and in multiple styles


Learn the complete range of dynamics

Notes & Fingerings

All standard notes are covered


Lessons include whole note to 16th note rhythms

Read Music

An essential step for any musician

Metronome Work

An important part of learning to play correctly

Play by Ear

Who wouldn’t want to have the skills to do this?

Blog Posts

Blog posts on common saxophone issues


Learn all 12 major scales. We share one trick to make this much easier


Students can ask a question anytime


Help students reach an intermediate level of playing

For Beginning Saxophone Students

  • Help beginners reach an intermediate level of playing
  • A schedule friendly, cost-effective solution for students to participate in private lessons
  • A clear, personalized lesson plan to help students reach their potential ahead of schedule
  • A fun and proven solution to help students remain motivated

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