The Saxophone & Isolation

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Many of us throughout the world are home, in isolation, because of COVID-19. It’s definitely an uncertain time and is something that we’ve never experienced before. This is a serious time in our history, and one that we will never forget, for more than one reason. How will you remember this time, once it has past?

Music & Health

With respect to all those reading this post, we understand that COVID-19 is likely to have significant impact on some people, and minimal on others. Playing the saxophone is not nearly as important as the safety and health of family, friends, and our community; we understand this. However, we know what music can do for our mental health and overall wellbeing. Yes, the saxophone can be one answer to help us have joy, even during difficult times.


One principal that helps many people feel accomplished in life is progression. It could be growing a business, raising a family, growing a garden, or becoming better at a specific sport. Whatever the case may be, we tend to be happier when we feel like we are progressing and growing.

At Home

Even though you may be at home watching more t.v. than normal, and possibly getting “cabin fever”, there’s still the option of choosing activities that will allow you to progress. Then, there’s a better chance you’ll look back on this time as a time of progression.

Progression at Home

There are many things we can do to improve and progress during this time. I could talk about planting a garden, but I don’t know much about that. If learning the saxophone is at the top of your priority list for learning and progression, then we can help.

Improving on the Saxophone

There are a few tips we would like to share that we feel would be helpful to share at this time. Some of the tips are about time management, and others are tips for practicing when everyone in your household is home, and in close quarters. We want to keep the peace, and we want our family to like the saxophone, so we’ll provide tips that show respect for those around us, too.

The Posts

We’ve provided past posts that may help in your specific situation. Read the description below and then click on the link to access that post. We have over 150 posts on our site, so we hope you find our selection helpful.

Post 1

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Post 3

Quiet Practice Sessions. Tips for practicing when you need to be quiet.

Post 4

A Choose Your Own Adventure Journey.  A fun read!

Post 5

How to find sheet music. Free resource provided.

Post 6

How to Read Music. If you can't play for the moment, here's some info that will help you read music. Learn what the lines and spaces really are, and why notes are named the way they are.

Post 7

Take this 7 day challenge

Post 8

12 Questions Our Students Ask - And Our Answers! For example- how many saxophones are there? How do you growl on the saxophone?

Post 9

How to Transpose Music for Saxophone

Post 10

Have you ever tried playing with the piano, using the piano music? It doesn’t work, does it? This post teaches how to transpose the piano music so it will sound right when playing with the piano.

Post 11

Love the Music You Hate. Have you ever heard music and thought, “that’s not music!” Learn how to listen to music you may not be used to.

Post 12

In the following 3 posts I share my own journey with the saxophone (starting at 6 years old!)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Post 13

Just for fun (circular breathing)

Post 14

You may be practicing more than ever, which means you may get face fatigue. Learn how to fix that.


We hope these posts help you progress and that this progression bring joy to your life during this time. If you have questions about any of these topics, please feel free to ask in the comment section. Additionally, if you’re progressing in other ways during this time (like gardening), we would love to hear about that, too. Thank you, and keep safe and healthy.

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