The Saxophone Cells Day 3

Welcome to The Saxophone Cells, Day 3!

This is the 3rd and last video of the week.  In addition, today is the day when I’ll share a unique offer with you (it’s in the video). We’ve never done anything like this before.

I’m excited about this video because I’ll be sharing a special gift with you. Have you ever wanted to play something special for friends and family during the holiday season? Now you can. Check out the video for details


High (or palm) D

How to play saxophone

  • Left Hand: 1st Palm Key
  • Right Hand: None
  • Octave Key: Yes

How to play saxophone

Your Free Gift- O Holy Night

For your free gift, I am providing the sheet music and the backing track to O Holy Night. I hope you enjoy this gift and I would love to hear you play it too! Send me a copy through Get Feedback. I have made a recording and posted it below. I hope you enjoy it!

The Sheet Music

O Holy Night Sheet Music for All Saxophones

A note about the tempo- I mentioned in the video that the tempo is ♩=100. Some last minute changes were made after the video was produced, so that information is no longer accurate. You can think of this song as a dotted half note=66 or ♩=200. You can email me if there are any questions. The recording I made can also be helpful for understanding the tempo.

Backing Tracks

Alto and Baritone

Tenor and Soprano

An Example from Me

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