The Saxophone Cells Day 2

Welcome to The Saxophone Cells, Day 2!

This is the second video of 3 this week. You’ll gain access to the third video on Wednesday. In addition, at the end of tomorrow’s video I’ll share a unique offer with you. Definitely stick around for the details.

I’m excited about this video because I’ll be sharing the blues scale with you. There’s a lot of music out there that uses the blues scale (even if it doesn’t sound like a blues song) and we’re going to learn how to use it.

Once again I have added notes below the video. They review the information that’s covered and will be helpful for a quick review. I think you will find the points from the video well organized in the notes. So if you think you missed something in the video, just check it out below.

I have also placed all 12 blues scale keys in a link below. I would suggest starting on G for alto and C for Tenor.

I would love to hear how you do with the blues scale! I have posted the feedback link below for your convenience.

Let’s get started. You are not only going to sound great, but we’ll have a lot of fun. Let’s play!

What the video covers:

  1. I play the blues scale so you can hear what it sounds like.
  2. I discuss how to get the blues scale under your fingers.
  3. I play a solo for you, using the blues scale (I hope you like it! 🙂 )

3 Steps for Learning the Blues Scale

Blues Scales


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  1. Enjoyed your video on the blues scale. Bb is useful because it’s good for everyone. My favourite is F (D) as I find it more bluesy. I playing a Martin Committee II with an Otto Link Tonedge and Rico Jazz Select Reeds 2M, they work for me and I find I can bend notes. Any ideas on including uding chord tones over Maj 7 chords to expand the range for improvisation? Keep swingin’ Howard

    1. Post

      Hey Howard. Glad you enjoyed the video. Another of my favorite keys is C (A). Sounds like you have a great set up. Would love to hear you play over some blues sometime. Concerning your question on Maj 7 chords- are you asking which notes work best for improvising?

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