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I had a blogging friend (Meri at share something with me the other day that was insightful. She How to play saxophonementioned that I needed to let my personality come through the computer screen. There is only one problem with this- my experience in higher education taught me to separate (to some extent) the personal from the professional. This is appropriate in many ways, but this does not always work online.

There is a definite teacher/student relationship for many reasons in education. The role of the educator is to instruct and provide information, not necessarily be a friend. Sure, I joke around with my students at the university and my local studio, but they just know the academic side of me.  However, there is another side to me.

Free saxophone lessons for beginnersMy wife sometimes says, “if only your college students could see you now” as I am riding on the back of a shopping cart with my two girls in the basket at our local grocery store. The 3 of us have big smiles on our faces as my wife shakes her head. This is part of who I am. I wouldn’t share this with my college students (unless they are reading this now 🙂 ) but I’ll share these types of experiences with you.


Don’t worry, you’re still going to get the results you want on the saxophone. We’ll just have more fun as we go along. From now on you will see a little more of “me” in Facebook posts and blog posts. I hope you enjoy the new approach!

How to play saxophoneQuestion- Do you like the new approach or would you prefer information only? Thanks for your feedback!

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  1. You are. too much, thank you for simplicity and kindness . The knowledge you are passing to us is making us better persons every time expecially in music thank you so much I like this new approch go ahead sir we are following you.

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      I am glad you are enjoying the lessons. I noticed you signed up for the free lessons a few months ago. How are they coming? I would love to hear you play.

  2. Thanks Jeff. As you may know I live in Europe. I like your approach and it works perfectly. I learn so much, because there is a strong will from my side, and most important with the help of a good teacher like you!!

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  3. Hi Teacher, it is so hard to find in real life, never mind the internet, somebody honest, reliable and on top of all, master in what is doing and the amazing part is if you finally find somebody like that, also to be willing to share his knowledge and expertise to the ones who want to learn that skill. You are one of the very, very few and I thank You for that.
    The most amazing thing in life is to spread your knowledge. knowing more about one another, makes learning more fun and send the message that ” normal ” people can play saxophone.
    I live in Africa, that means you are teaching on at least three continents. This is amazing !!!!!

    Kind Regards and Respect

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      Truly amazing Martin, I agree! I appreciate your compliments and I am happy to be working with so many people who want to improve and make life a little bit better. Music (especially the saxophone) can do that. You’re making great progress. Keep it up!

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