The New Year

The 2 Big Topics

It seems like the two big topics around New Year are:

  1. Looking to the future with new goals
  2. Looking  to the past and remembering experiences. 

Since I’ve already written a post dealing with goals, I have decided to look to the past.

Can You Remember Everything?

Each of us has multiple things to do every day.  Would you agree it’s difficult to remember everything? Even when we study a subject, we tend to have a difficult time remembering everything. Saxophone is probably not your #1 focus everyday (even though you probably look forward to it more than anything 🙂 ) so I’m sure some important saxophone items have drifted from recollection, somewhere your brain denies access.

Get Access

To gain access, I have provided links to the most important posts from 2013. These particular posts will help you improve quickly in a short amount of time. If you missed them the first time around, no problem. Just jump in and you’ll soon gain the benefits in your own playing. I look forward to your progress!

OK, We’ll Set 1 Goal

I know if someone sent me an email with a bunch of posts on it, I probably would have a difficult time reading all the material. So let’s set a goal.

  1. Read 1 post a day for the next 6 days.

If you meet this goal, you will be armed with knowledge that will accelerate your progress on the saxophone. So set that goal and take the time to read. You won’t regret it!

The Posts

  1. Tune Well, Sound Great!Make the saxophone easier to play and get a better response by following this post.
  2. Making Difficult Notes Easier to Play Check out these 2 easy steps to get a better tone faster.
  3. Play Fast- With Accuracy- Like A Pro! Make learning your scales much easier!
  4. Do You Have 10 Minutes to Practice? Use this post to help you set your New Years saxophone goals and succeed.
  5. Our Frenemy- The Metronome This post contains important information that separates those who accel quickly from those who progress slowly.
  6. Choose Your Own Saxophone Adventure This post will give you tips to playing high notes easily…the reading is fun too!

Questions or Comments?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment sections too. I look forward to our conversations and your success. Have a Happy New Year!

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