1 Thing You Need to Know: Tone

One reason people want to learn the saxophone is because they were first attracted to the tone. With enough practice, you can actually sound exactly (if not pretty close) like your favorite saxophone player- but that’s for a different post. This post will talk about one thing that will significantly help your tone. Today we’re going to talk about long …

Improve Your Tone in 5 Minutes

Did you know you can improve your tone in as little as 5 minutes? Statements like this sound too good to be true, but this one practice approach will get notes to respond easier and have a better tone. 5 Minutes a day is all it takes.

Improve Your Tone, Now!

It’s been nearly two years since our last blog post, and I wanted to choose a topic that would make significant impact on the beginning saxophone player. To kick us off, I have chosen something that will help any beginner progress faster. However,