Pro vs Beginner Equipment

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When we first began posting again, we really wanted to provide content that would make immediate impact. We wanted to help each student progress faster. Our last post focused on making sure your saxophone is in top working order, and how that can accelerate your development on the saxophone. This post will discuss a little more about the other equipment on the saxophone. This is definitely a high impact suggestion, and if you’re currently not following this tip, a change will really make a difference.

A Short Story

When you’re learning to play the saxophone, you want to make sure you have good equipment, but you don’t have to buy the best equipment available. Here’s a story to illustrate what I mean.

One day, my brother invited me to go wakeboarding with some friends. I had never been wakeboarding, but I thought it might be fun. It was! I even felt comfortable enough to jump the wake. It was a great day and I was hooked on wakeboarding.

About a month later, my brother asked if I wanted to go again. Absolutely! I wasn’t going to miss another opportunity! However, this experience was much different. What I didn’t know, at first, was the first wake board I used was made for a beginner. The second time I went, the wake board was for a professional. To make a long story short, I fell many times that day and was pretty beat up. In fact, one time I caught the edge of the board on the water surface, and I fell face first so quickly, I didn’t have time to blink. That was a new and unforgettable experience for me!

The Right Equipment

Because I was using equipment that was not made for a beginner, I had a difficult time succeeding, and it was not nearly as much fun. With the saxophone, professional equipment won’t beat you up like a wakeboard, but we still want to make sure the right equipment is being used. If you follow these tips, the saxophone will become more accessible and you’ll progress faster.

Equipment Tips

Unlike the wakeboard, the professional saxophone will not make learning more difficult and it won’t beat you up; it can actually help. Where you want to make sure you have beginning equipment is the mouthpiece and reed. If you go pro on these items, you may find producing a tone is more difficult than it should be. Go with the beginner equipment, and you will get a better tone, faster. An added bonus is for the wallet. Beginning reeds and mouthpieces are not as expensive as pro equipment!

See Our Suggestions for Equipment

If you want to progress quickly, take the time to get the right equipment. If you have any questions about which saxophone equipment a beginner should or should not use, please feel free to ask questions in the comment section below. Additionally, if any of you have made the switch to proper equipment, please share your experience. If you would like our suggestions for beginner saxophone equipment, please click here!

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