Play What You Want to Play

A Couple of Questions for You

  • What style of music do you want to play?
  • Which one pulled you to the saxophone?
  • Do you think you can learn to play in your favorite style?

Absolutely you can! In this post I’m going to give you a 2 step process that will help you play in your style of choice.

Our Free and Premiere Lessons focus on the basics. They’re designed to take you through a step by step process so you can learn to play the music you want to play. Obviously before you start playing specific styles, you need to have some of the basics down, such as:

  1. Correct embouchure
  2. Correct posture
  3. Know the most common notes on the saxophone
  4. How to articulate

Once you get some of these basics down, you can start exploring. I would suggest exploring and working on the basics. Let’s get started!

Sing Sing…I Mean…Listen Listen Listen!

  • Scenario 1: If you had 6 months to learn a language and your main method of learning was reading a book, how effective would you be at that language?
  • Scenario 2: If you were dropped off in a country where you didn’t know the language, how well would you know the language at the end of 6 months?

Scenario 2 would produce the best results. Why would you learn faster this way? This new language would be the only language you would hear. You would hear it everyday and at every moment. It would surround you.

In addition, in your attempts to communicate, you would copy what other people say. In order to buy some fruit at the market you would point, and the seller would tell you the name. Then you would repeat the word, right? If we surround ourselves in the language, we will learn much faster than from a book. In fact, can we even get the right accent from a book?

Music is similar to a language. We need to listen and copy the music in order to communicate effectively within a particular style. Here is how we apply it to music.

The 2 Step Process

  1. Listen to the style you want to play- as much as you possibly can
  2. Begin to copy the sounds you hear, using your instrument

That’s the big 2 for right now. Of course there are many other items to discuss, but this is a great place to start. So set a goal to listen to your favorite music (I know, I demand difficult things 🙂 ) and begin to copy some of the sounds, measures, sections, songs, that you like. It’s OK to copy. In fact, it’s a compliment.

Get going and you’ll be on your way to playing in your favorite style.


Have you tried copying anyone yet? How has it gone? Please share in the comment section below.


All those who have participated in the Free or Premiere Lessons have really benefited from their practicing. I would love to help more people become aware of these lessons. In fact, some people are probably looking for lessons like this, but they don’t know where to find them. If you like the content that we share, please pass it along to your friends through social media. I appreciate your help in passing the lessons along. Thanks!

Keep up the good work!

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  1. Hi Jeff,
    The styles of music I like are Jazz, Blues and soft rock. Jazz & Blues are what pull me towards the saxophone.
    Tonight after I finished practice for lesson 1 – Day 3, I tried to copy “Over the Rainbow” which I heard Kenny G play today as well as others many times before. It took a while but I think I finally got as far as the beginning part.
    BTW, how do I go about sending you a recording to see how I am coming along?

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