The Whole Note


Whole Note

In the music for this lesson, the whole note will get 4 counts

Basic Math

Here’s where music and math are similar. As you look at the images below, think of the half notes as the number 2, the whole notes as the number 4, and the quarter note as the number 1. You’ll get math problems like this:

  1. 4= 2+2
  2. 4= 1+1+1+1

If we reverse them, we see a simple math problem:

  1. 2+2= 4
  2. 1+1+1+1= 4

Adding It Up

1 whole note and 2 half notes are equal in value:

1 Whole Note equals 2 half notes


1 whole note and 4 quarter notes are equal in value:

Whole Note equals 4 quarter notes