The Four Seasons 1 HB


The Plan

Here’s a very famous piece written by Vivaldi. If you don’t recognize it yet, you will soon.

We’ll break this piece up over the next few weeks so you can really get comfortable. It’s a beautiful piece of music that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Week 1

We will be using our new articulation in the piece below. Listen to the audio to get an idea of what the staccato should sound like in this particular style. With the use of dynamics and adding additional articulation, you’ll soon notice that you are sounding more and more musical every day. Keep it up!

If this song looks a little long to you, don’t worry. Take a quick look and you’ll notice that the forte section is exactly the same as the piano section- except for the dynamics. In reality, this week you’ll be learning just 6 measures.

The Four Seasons 1

Audio Tracks: This Week ends at :30