The First 3 Notes 2 HB


Check out this video for a description of the fingering chart and other important items on this page!

The Fingering Chart

This is an example of a blank fingering chart. Keys will be colored in with red to show new fingerings.

Saxophone Fingering Chart Middle C#

Numbering the Fingers

Hands with left and right label with microsoft

You’re viewing this image as if you’re looking down at your own hands, with the palms up. We’ve numbered the fingers so you’ll know which finger to use on each key. For example:

Playing B:

  • Left Hand: 1st Finger
  • Right Hand: None

You’ll know to only use the finger circled in red:

Hands with circled finger for B

Next, place the red circled finger on the red key:

How to finger B on saxophone

Obviously your saxophone key won’t actually be red, but go ahead and look at your saxophone to find the key that matches the red key above. There’s another picture on the next page to help. Let’s give it a try!