The Eight Note 2


Let’s Read the Music

  1. We will always be in 4/4 time when discussing the eighth note in this lesson (Click here for a reminder about time signatures)
  2. Each eighth note gets a half of a count/beat (or 2 notes per click on the metronome).
  3. 2 eighth notes equal 1 beat
  4. The first eighth note is on the down beat (red)
  5. The second eighth note is on the upbeat (blue)
  6. There are 4 clicks (red numbers) per measure in our example


We refer to this method of counting as “1&” counting

Check out this example of counting the eighth note:

Turn on the metronome ( ♩=60) and see if you can count this measure out loud saying 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &. Once you have tried, watch the video below to check your answer: