The Dotted Quarter Note 4 HB


Now that you understand how to play the dotted quarter note, let’s get comfortable playing it on saxophone.

The Video

This 1st video is the final video on the previous page. This time, play along with the video at least 5-10 times daily. Remember that it may be pretty easy after a few days, but I want you to keep repeating it for the week. This will really help solidify this rhythm in your playing.

Video 5

The Rhythm

Next, set your metronome to ♩=60 and play the exercise below on your own. Play 5-10 times a day for the week. You’ll do great!

dotted quarter 8th and 2 quarters with border

More Options!

As I mentioned earlier, I’m really excited about this new rhythm; it provides many new opportunities. I think you’re really going to like this addition, too!