The Dotted Quarter Note 3


Let’s Count

We’re going to count the dotted quarter note using video. Here’s the rhythm:


dotted quarter 8th and 2 quarters with border


  • The video below provides an example of the counting that occurs in the example above. On the previous page, the red counts represented down beats (1,2,3, or 4) and the blue counts (&) were upbeats.
  • On this page, the red counts show when the note changes, and the blue counts show the counting/subdivision that occurs within the dotted quarter note.
  • After you watch the video, play it again and count out loud. You can see how you did with the 2nd video.
  • Here we add the counting to video 1.
  • This video takes the next step by whispering the subdivided (blue) notes. My wife would say the whispering is “creepy”, but I think it’s beneficial hearing the subdivision softly. This allows you to continue to hear the subdivision, simultaneously bringing out the written rhythm.
  • This video removes the audio subdivision (blue) and continues to count the written rhythm (red).
  • This is the final example, which is played on the saxophone. You may want to turn the volume down a little for this one.