The Dotted Half Note


It’s time to learn a new rhythm/note value

Here is the dot:

What does it do?

  • Whenever the dot is attached to a note, it adds half the value of the note it is attached to.
  • For example: If a note has 4 beats, then adding a dot would produce an extra 2 beats (4+2 = 6), resulting in a note with 6 counts

The Dotted Half Note

The dotted half note looks like this:

What does the dot do to the half note?

It adds half the value to the half note

  • We have the half note- 2 beats
  • The addition of the dot adds 1 beat
  • 2+1 = 3 beats total
Keep in mind that the dot will change value when it is attached to other note lengths.

The Dotted Whole Note

A whole note with a dot would be a total of 6 counts.

  • The whole note (4 counts)
  • Plus the dot (2 counts- this number is half the value of the whole note)
  • 4+2 = 6 counts