The 8th Rest 8 HB


Let’s Count!

Using the metronome (♩=60), count the following measure:

rhythm 3 12&34 with rhythm

Check your answer in the video below:

Playing this measure becomes much easier when you count the upbeats and downbeats as you play. If that is difficult for you, then spend some time counting with the following video, or counting with the videos on this page.

Notice that I counted all the down beats and upbeats at the beginning of the measure. I also put a little accent on the & of 2 to so you could hear exactly when the 8th note begins. As you sing, try placing a little accent on the & of 2 to help with your entrance after the rest.

Go ahead and click on the video again and try singing with me. Then try it on your own- with the metronome of course.

This is important: to really learn this rhythm, you must count as you play. If we guess, we’ll have a difficult time. You can do this!

Let’s Play

Let’s try the same exercise with the saxophone

  1. Set the metronome to ♩=60
  2. Play the exercise by yourself with the metronome
  3. Listen to the audio to help play this exercise, or to see how you did
  4. Play with the audio (Tenor- Play E instead of B)