Swan Lake 1 HB


Our Next Piece

Our next piece, Swan Lake, was written by Tchaikovsky. Before you begin playing, make sure you read this entire page. Reading the analysis below and listening to the audio clips will help make this easier to play. It’s a great piece and I know you’ll enjoy it! Let’s begin.

Swan Lake .5

 This Week Ends at :12

You’ve Already Played This!

As you can see, the music is becoming more advanced. I hope you are not intimidated by what you see here. Through our scales, arpeggios, and rhythms you’ve learned, you’ve already played everything on this page. Here’s what I mean:

Swan Lake analysis .5

Even if this music looks new to your eyes, it’s not new to your fingers. You’ll begin to feel the familiarity of the scales and arpeggios as you begin. Let me know how it goes!