Scales 3


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The Circle of 4ths & 5ths

How to Read the Circle

  1. The blue letters are the first note of a major scale (C, is the first note of the C major scale).
  2. The green numbers reveal the number of accidentals (sharps: # & flats: ♭) in the scale.
  3. The red letters, in parentheses, share the last accidental in the scale. If this is a little unclear, you can watch the video below and come back to #4.
  4. Examples:
    • C major contains 0 sharps and 0 flats
    • F major contains 1 flat –Bb
    • Bb major contains 2 flats –Bb and Eb
    • G major contains 1 sharp –F#
    • D major contains 2 sharps –F# and C#
    • B major contains 5 sharps- F#, C#, G#, D#, and A#
  5. The yellow shading in the circle identifies the flats
  6. The light blue covers the sharps
  7. The tan is all naturals (♮)


Check out this video for a visual demonstration on how to read the circle.