Prep Lesson Instructions


The Prep Lessons

The Prep Lessons are designed (and formatted) to be followed just like the Free Lesson Series. In fact, they are a continuation of these lessons and should be completed before beginning Month 1. In other words, these lessons are kind of like Month 0 (zero) in the whole lesson process.

As you know, the Free Lessons do not require perfection on each page or a week’s worth of repetition before moving on. This method continues through The Prep Lessons, all the way up to Month 1. At that point the lesson process will change a little, but I’ll explain the details as we get closer.

Alto, Tenor or Bari?

The baritone saxophone is okay to start on as a beginner, but I would recommend learning on the alto or tenor saxophones first. If you have interest in the soprano saxophone, I would strongly encourage that you wait until you have a firm grasp on the alto or tenor saxophone.  The soprano is definitely a fun instrument, but it’s less forgiving and can be overly frustrating as a starter instrument.


The audio examples are marked as alto and tenor. If you’re playing baritone saxophone, play with the alto line and if you’re playing soprano, play with the tenor line.

Play With a Pro

If you liked playing the exercises with me in the Free Lessons, I encourage you to continue to do so. You’ll benefit by avoiding bad habits that some beginners develop.  If some of the audio examples are too fast, it’s okay. Eventually the tempos will become more manageable. If the audio examples are too slow, please feel free to speed up the exercises on your own, but be sure to use the metronome.