Polovtsian Dances 9 HB


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Okay, this is it! Now that you’ve leaned every section, let’s put the whole thing together. Sections 1-6 make up the first half, and then sections 7-14 are the second half. Here’s the order of the entire piece, with links to audio. You can use the indivdual section links, or simply play with The Whole Thing sections.

  1. First Half (Sections 1-6)
  2. Second Half (Sections 7-14)
  3. First Half (Repeat sections 1-6)

Repeat & Perform

We’ve spent many weeks on this piece and I encourage you to take the opportunity to play this for friends, family or both. You don’t need to perform this week (unless you’re ready), but follow our pattern of repetition for the next week (or so) and play when you’re ready.

Of course you may be nervous, but that’s fine; it’s normal in fact. However, it’s also fun. So dive in and enjoy all the hard work you’ve put in. Congratulations!