Palm F# HB


Do You Have This Key?

The next note we will learn is not on every saxophone. If you don’t have the high F# key, that’s OK. If you do, then go ahead and work on this note.

How can you tell if you have this key? Check out the last image on this page and you’ll see a key outlined in green. If you have this key, then your saxophone will play up to the F#. If you don’t have this key, we will play up to the palm F only. Most beginner saxophone models do not have this key. If you don’t have this key, then you can skip this page.

The Next Note Note is Palm F#

High F#

Fingering for Palm F#:

  • Left Hand: 1st, 2nd and 3rd palm keys
  • Right Hand: Side E key and the high F# key (the F# key is colored green in the image below)
  • Octave Key: Yes

Saxophone Fingering Chart

The red keys on the image above are outlined on the saxophone below.

Palm F Image

In the image below we see the side E key, and the high F# key. The F# key is outlined in green. Use your ring finger of your right hand to press the F# key.

Side Keys (1)

Difficulty Level- High

The high F# (palm F#) can be difficult to play. Even when pushing all the correct keys the note may not come out. Here are some tips to fix that:

  1. Don’t pinch off the reed (don’t tighten as you go higher on the saxophone)
  2. Your mouth/embouchure should feel like your playing a low D when playing the palm keys
  3. If you can get the lower palm keys to play, then work up chromatically to the high F# rather than just starting on the F#- play D, then Eb, etc.- all the way up to the F# in 1 breath. In other words, start the chromatic scale on your palm D and move up to the high F# in one breath-slowly.
  4. If you’re having a hard time with fingerings, remember where the right hand makes contact with the side E key. If this is correct, fingering this note will be much easier. Click here for a reminder of palm key placement for the left hand, and here for the right hand placement of the side E!
  5. Play daily

Go ahead and give it a try. Feel free to send questions to me if you have any difficulties. Good luck!