Note Bis Bb


Well, its not really a new note, just a new fingering. There are 3 basic ways to finger a Bb, and up to this point we have used 1 of them: the side Bb.

Let’s learn the Bis Bb!

The little key under the middle B key is called the bis key (in red). The keys where you normally place your fingers are in blue. Check out the image below:

Bis Bb 1

Which Finger Should I Use?

So how do you push down another key when all your other fingers are taken? Simple, you use 1 finger to push 2 keys. More specifically you use finger #1 (Click here if you need help identifying finger #1) to push both red keys (the B key and the bis key).

Bis Bb 2

Try It Out!

Go ahead and give it a try. Check it with your side Bb to make sure the correct note is being played. In addition, just push down the octave key to move up an octave.

Let’s try to use the bis Bb on the next page: the Bb major arpeggio. The bis key will probably feel a little strange, but once you apply it to the next page you will agree it’s easier- even if it is a little awkward.

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