New Lesson Format


Up to this point we’ve designed the lessons to have a continuous flow of pages, without going back to previous content.

Now, each lesson will be played for 1 week. So, once you’ve gone through your practice session the first day, you won’t move to the next lesson right away. Instead, you’ll repeat the same lesson for the next week.  If you begin on Monday, then you’ll play the same content through Sunday. On the following Monday, you’ll move onto the next lesson.

This format provides many benefits:

  1. You won’t feel rushed
  2. You’ll have time to repeat content, and really get it under your fingers
    • This will allow for accuracy and consistency
  3. We’ll have time to learn music by ear
  4. You’ll accelerate your improvement with time, rhythm, and technique

This process is proven to provide results. It has helped many people reach a high level of musicianship, from family performances to professional careers. Either way, it will help you reach your goals on the saxophone. Let’s get started!