Lesson 8 Review Links


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Remember the tongue is a muscle, so it will become stronger and faster with this work out. These points should be your focus:

  1. Line up with the metronome
  2. No breaks in tone while articulating
  3. Quality (the approach of tip of tongue to tip of reed will produce the desired results- click here for review)


This is a chance to see if you can play a few scales without error. Here’s the pattern to follow:

  1. If you know the scale well, play 5 times a day with the metronome
  2. If you still have a difficult time playing this scale, then repeat the scale 5-10 times  a day with a metronome

Links for Review

Ode to Joy

Let’s see how you’re doing with this song. Follow the steps below to help out.

  • See if you can remember this song on your own. Hint- It starts on a low A (middle A for a baritone saxophone with a low A key)  If you have it…then good job! Go ahead repeat it 5 times correctly.
  • If you are unable to remember it all, use the video from the original lesson. Click here to go to that page.