Lesson 6 Review



Remember the tongue is a muscle, so it will become stronger and faster with this work out. These points should be your focus:

  1. Line up with metronome
  2. No breaks in tone while articulating
  3. Use the tip of tongue to articulate the tip of reed.  Click here for a review.


Click here to practice this week’s articulation exercises.


This is a chance to see if you can play one of our scales without error. If you can play the scale below with ease, then play the scale 5 times a day to solidify your abilities. If the scale does not feel 100% comfortable (even if you played it perfectly), then play 5-10 times with a metronome. Do this review everyday. By the end of the week, you should be able to play this scale comfortably,evenly, and with confidence. Speed is not important right now.