Lesson 39 Scale HB


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Yes, you’ve gone through all the 12 major scales again. I’m sure they are becoming much easier, but I’m also sure that some of them are still challenging to play.

If you want all your scales to be even easier, then I invite you to do the following: play every major scale every day- 1 time. It’s easy to forget a scale if you haven’t played it in a few weeks, but it’s much easier to remember if you’re playing it every day.

If your up for this challenge, then go for it. If you like the pattern we are doing (1 scale a week), then keep it up. Either way, you’ll get better!

This Week

This week we will spend time clicking up the A major scale. Our goal will be ♩= 92. Click on the following link if you need a review or a little assistance.

Clicking Up

Play the major scale 1 time for each metronome marking below.

  • ♩=60
  • ♩=63
  • ♩=66
  • ♩=69
  • ♩=72
  • ♩=76
  • ♩=80
  • ♩=84
  • ♩=88
  • ♩=92