Lesson 39 Chromatic HB


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The Return of the Chromatic Scale

Let’s get back at the chromatic scale. Our clicking up goal for this week is ♩=92.  If you stick with the metronome you’ll make better progress, faster.

In addition, we’ll continue to play the palm F# in the chromatic scale. If your saxophone does not have a high F# key, then work on the chromatic scale up to the palm F key. Here we go!

About the Audio

The audio examples do not click up, but provide the chromatic scale at one tempo only. Use the tenpo markings below as your guide for clicking up.

Audio Examples

Click here for audio examples.

Clicking Up

Play the chromatic scale 1 time for each metronome marking below.

  • ♩=60
  • ♩=63
  • ♩=66
  • ♩=69
  • ♩=72
  • ♩=76
  • ♩=80
  • ♩=84
  • ♩=88
  • ♩=92