Lesson 38 Arpeggio HB


This Week

You’ve done it!

You have finished all you major arpeggios again! With completing your arpeggios and major scales for a second time, I’m sure you feel the difference in your playing. The saxophone should feel more comfortable and the music should be getting easier to play. There are huge benefits from doing your scales and I hope you can see that now. If you can’t, just keep going…you’ll see the benefits soon enough. Now, let’s get faster!

Arpeggio Review

Let’s spend some time with the A major arpeggio this week.

Click on the following link if you need a review or a little assistance.

Clicking Up

Play the major arpeggio 1 time for each metronome marking below.

  • ♩=60
  • ♩=63
  • ♩=66
  • ♩=69
  • ♩=72
  • ♩=76
  • ♩=80
  • ♩=84
  • ♩=88
  • ♩=92