Lesson 22 Chromatic


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This week we’re going to work on expanding the chromatic scale rather than going faster. We will start on a low D and move all the way up (2 octaves) to the first palm key. Let’s keep this at ♩=60 for this week. Here’s how you finger a high/palm D.


High (or palm) D

How to play saxophone

  • Left Hand: 1st Palm Key
  • Right Hand: None
  • Octave Key: Yes

How to play saxophone

Palm D Fingering

The keys outlined are the 3 palm keys. For high D, use the red key with the octave key.



Even though we use the term “palm key” we don’t actually use our palm to play this note. The 1st palm key (the one we use to play high D) makes contact with our knuckle (on the palm side of the hand) where the index finger and the main part of your hand meet. Here’s a picture:

hand with circle

Playing the Scale!

Play the whole scale 5 times a day at ♩=60