Lesson 16 Chromatic Scale


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Let’s set the same goal this week! We will begin the scale at ♩=60, playing quarter notes, and click up to ♩=72. You can do this on your own, or play along with the audio files.

If the tempo seems too slow for you, remember that we are learning more than notes. We are also training our fingers to be even, and to have good timing (all the fingers lift together or come down together). This will increase how fast you can play technical passages.

If this tempo seems too fast, be consistent and patient with the process; daily execution will provide the fastest results.

Clicking Up

If you want to practice with the audio files, click here. You can also click up on your own with the metronome:

  1. Set the metronome to 60
  2. Play the chromatic scale
  3. Click up one click to 63
  4. Play the chromatic scale
  5. Continue process up to 72