Lesson 15 Dynamics


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In lesson 8 we learned about dynamics and how they guide the performer to play soft or loud. Next, we will learn how to connect the dynamic levels. This is done by gradually becoming louder or softer, rather than instantly (as we did in lesson 8 exercises).

The Crescendo (or cresc.)

cresc.- Gradually become louder

Audio example:

The Diminuendo/Decrescendo (or dim.)

dim.- Gradually become softer

Audio example:

Let’s Play

Now that you have heard some examples, go ahead and try each for yourself on B (1st finger in the left hand, no octave key). It’s a fun challenge to see how softly you can play; it is also very rewarding.

If you are having a difficult time playing softly, you may not be applying enough pressure to the reed. Experiment with applying a little more pressure. If your tone seems quieter than normal (overall), that is OK as long as you don’t sound stuffy or squeaky.

Try This Too!

Audio Example: