Lesson 12 Chromatic Scale


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The chromatic scale is extremely valuable, and at the same time it can be a challenge to learn. Because of this, the chromatic scale will be a consistent part of our weekly lessons . Variety will be added in the future, but since the scale is still new to us, I will keep the scale at ♩=60, and we will play quarter notes. Remember the following:

  1. Keep with metronome setting
  2. Start on G and go up to the G an octave above and back down
  3. Move by half steps
  4. Repeat 5-10 a day
  5. Slur all notes but the first

Let’s Play

Click here to get a quick peek at the notes of the scale (but only if you need to).

You can play the chromatic scale on your own, or you can play it with me (5 times) below. If you are not able to play this by memory yet, click here to play with me in option 2.