Lesson 1 Exercise #1


How to Practice the Exercises

  1. Turn on Metronome to ♩=76
  2. Play by yourself with the metronome
  3. Listen to audio example to check for accuracy
  4. Play with audio example (optional)
  5. Once you know you are correct, play example 5 times

Difficulties playing the examples? Add the following steps

  1. Sing with recorded example
  2. Count and sing the exercise with the metronome (matching the pitch is helpful but not required)

Wondering Where to Breath?

You will notice in the exercises below that we do not have room to take a breath. Does this mean you need to be a marathon runner to play the saxophone? Of course not. If a logical place (such as a rest) does not present itself to take a breath, we need to create our own place to breath. Simply end the note a little early but begin the next one on time.

Listen to the first exercise for an example.

Exercise #1


Lesson 4 Exercise #1