How To Practice The Exercises


There are many reasons why some people become really good on the saxophone and others struggle. One reason is this: knowing how to practice. When my students follow this process, they end up succeeding and playing better than they thought possible. Some of the steps may seem obvious and others may not. Do your best to follow this process and you’ll receive the benefits and gain success.

Steps for Practicing

  1. Turn on Metronome to ♩=60
  2. Play by yourself with the metronome
  3. Listen to audio example to check for accuracy
  4. Play with audio example (optional)
  5. Once you know you are correct, play the example 5 more times

Difficulties playing the examples? Add the following steps

  1. Sing with recorded example
  2. Count and sing the exercise with the metronome (matching the pitch is helpful but not required)