Gymnopédie No.1Part 2


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In this lesson you are given an option concerning Gymnopédie No.1 and how much material you would like to cover. The goal for the week is to play the 1st section well. If you would like to spend the week on the 1st section only, please feel free to do so. If you can play the 1st section well and would like new music, go ahead and move onto the 2nd section of this piece. Then combine both sections. Enjoy!

A Reminder Concerning Accidentals

  • Once an accidental is applied, that accidental continues to work through the remainder of the measure
  • Once the measure is finished, the accidental is no longer is in affect
  • For a full review, click here

Notice that there are 2 flats in the key signature, but there are many accidentals. Keep alert and be aware of these changes.


Section 1



Section 2