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We have been focusing on the technical parts of playing the saxophone in our lessons. For the first time we will be focusing on a concept that deals strictly with being musical. Let’s Play with Dynamics!

What are Dynamics?

Dynamics direct us as to how loud or soft we should play.

First Dynamic Marking

The first dynamic marking we will learn is piano (not to be confused with the instrument). When reading music, you will not see the whole word written out (piano), but you will see the image below.

Piano– Play softly.

Second Dynamic Marking

The second dynamic marking is mezzo piano.

Mezzo Piano– Play medium soft

Third Dynamic Marking

The third dynamic marking is mezzo forte.

mezzo forte– Play medium loud

Fourth Dynamic Marking

The fourth dynamic marking is forte.

forte– Play loudly

Visual Example

  • 0% = minimum volume
  • 100% = full volume

Audio Examples