Dies Irae 1


Our Next Piece

This piece was written by Mozart. As you can see, we will be applying what we have just added to our playing: the 16th note. No worries though- you’ve already played this exact rhythm in our exercises and introduction.

Question of the Week!

In measures 4 and 6, on what beat does the 16th note begin? Click here to check your answer.

Hint: we are in 2/4 so the quarter note gets the beat and there are only 2 beats per measure. Need a quick review on meter? Click here and scroll down to the heading: The Time Signature

Dies Irae in 2 1

Audio Tracks

We’ll now be doing the same thing for the songs that we are doing with the exercises. We will be removing the audio to help with your independence. If you have any questions about how you’re doing, send in a recording and I’ll provide feedback. I look forward to it!