Can-Can 1


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You Are Ready!

Look at the Can-Can piece at the bottom of this page. You may be excited, or a little intimidated by the notes below, but you can do this!

The Plan

We’ll keep on doing what we’ve done the last little while. I’ll break it up for you over the next few weeks.

This first week we’ll learn 2 lines, because line 1 and 2 are basically the same.

Notice that the time signature is 2/4. This simply means there are 2 beats in the measure instead of 3 (3/4) or 4 (4/4)

Let’s Play!

Can Can 1Remember, you don’t need to play as fast as the recording. Just have fun and take it at a tempo that works for you. No stress…just fun!

Audio Tracks: This week ends at :35