Aura Lee HB



If you have a hard time playing the song below, try this method of learning:

  1. Play at a slower tempo (♩=60)
  2. Play the first 2 measures only, 5-10 times
  3. Play measures 3-4, 5-10 times
  4. Continue pattern through the whole piece


What is the benefit of this method? Let’s look at a sporting analogy. If you are on an athletic team, there are usually multiple practices a week. Does the coach run practice games/scrimmages for the whole practice, every practice? Of course not. The coach sets up exercises to make specific skills better. You may throw a ball for 10 minutes, and then run for 20 minutes, etc. When we focus on a particular skill we become better at that skill. Always scrimmaging would not allow us to focus on our weaknesses.

Now think of the exercise below as a whole piece. If you always play straight through, it is comparable to your coach always calling scrimmages. Instead, if we play the first 2 measures a number of times, it is like a coach calling for drills where the team needs improvement. Once you’ve repeated the first 2 measures, then move on to the next 2 measures and repeat. Continue this process through the piece, and then play the whole thing straight through a few times.

If you follow this pattern, you’ll learn the music faster and you’ll become a consistent performer.

Let’s Play