Ab Major Scale


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The Notes

Ab Bb C Db Eb F G Ab

Getting the Notes

Some of the notes may look new to you, but you already know all the notes above! Notes that sound the same (the pitch), but look different are called enharmonic. Here are the enharmonic notes in this scale:

  1. Ab = G#
  2. Db = C#

Playing the Ab Major Scale

Now that you know the Ab major scale on paper, it’s time to learn it on the saxophone. The audio files below are an example of the entire scale, played one time. Once you have the scale down, play along with the audio file to make sure you have it right.

Let’s Play

We’ll try something new this week. Let’s follow the pattern we’ve been using, but you’ll play it on your own, without audio files. Here’s the pattern:

  • Play Ab Bb C: Play 5 times
  • Add Db: Play 5 times
  • Add Eb: Play 5 times
  • Add F: Play 5 times
  • Add G: Play 5 times
  • Add Ab: Play 5 times