9 Month Lessons

Congratulations on finishing the first 3 months of lessons! I hope you’ve had fun and that you’ve seen improvement in your playing.

As you probably know, this is where the Basic Lesson Series ends. However, you may continue to access these lessons for a full 12 months from your original purchase.

We also want to offer you a chance to continue with the remaining 9 months of lessons at a prorated price. In other words, the payment you have already made will go toward the purchase of the full lesson series. You can look at the table below for more details. If you have questions about this process, just let us know. We hope to see you continue on!

Lesson Pricing

In order to receive this price, please make a request for the coupon code at jeff@learnsaxophoneonline.com. When you have received the coupon code, simply enter the code at checkout.

** The 2nd year renewal prices do not include the weekly follow up and feedback feature.  The 2nd year lessons include email communication for an additional 12 months.

Lesson Details


The Basic lessons are the first 3 months of the Gold lesson material.


The Basic lessons did not include audio feedback, but the Gold lessons do. Take advantage of this feature to accelerate how quickly you learn the saxophone.

2nd Year Renewal

This is an offer that allows you to sign up for the same lessons again, at a drastically reduced rate. This renewal will not automatically occur, but upon request the student will be provided a coupon code to receive this discount at the end of the first year.