16th Notes 2


Remembering the 8th Note

Do you remember our method for counting the 8th note? We count 1&2&3&4&. Check out the image below as a reminder:

Adding More

When we count 16th notes, the 1&2&3&4& stay the same. We just add other notes in between. Now we will say 1e&uh2e&uh3e&uh4e&uh. Check the image below:

4 beats of 16th notes with 1e&uh2e&3e&uh4e& with border

The 1234 are still the downbeats and the & are still the upbeats. The e and uh fit in-between.

Getting It Down

Follow the practice pattern below:

  1. Practice saying 1e&uh slowly (move to next step when comfortable)
  2. Set your metronome to 60
  3. On your own, count this measure- using the 1e&uh method
  4. Play the video below to see if you got it right
  5. Practice counting it with me, multiple times
  6. Set the metronome to 60 and count by yourself 5-10 times

Here’s the video example: