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The Beginning

When I began creating these lessons in 2013, my goal was to make quality online saxophone instruction available across the world, at an affordable price. I was able to reach that goal and was extremely pleased with how the lessons were received.

Being Transparent

In the past few years, my focus was taken away from online lessons. In fact, (being fully transparent) I had to decide whether I wanted to shut down the website or not.

Keeping Things Going

I decided, for the moment, not to shut down the site. Here's why: I have spent a large part of my life studying, performing, and teaching music. These lessons are a product of that time and effort. They're extremely valuable, and I prefer to see them benefiting students instead of being turned off.

Donation Driven

Even though the lessons are free, money is still required to run the site. Because of this, we're going to try to pay for the cost of the site through donations. If you find value in these lessons, please take a moment to donate using the button below. You can donate in small, large, one-time, or recurring amounts. Whatever is comfortable for you, we are grateful.

Thank You!

If you decide to give or not, we hope you enjoy these lessons and find value in the content being provided. Also, please share with friends, family, and your local schools so they can benefit as well. Thank you for all your efforts, and have fun learning to play the saxophone. You're going to sound great!

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