Some Extra Assistance

I think we all need extra help with our low notes…they can be challenging but very attainable! Here’s the extra help you’re looking for. Good luck. You’ll get this soon!

  1. Play at forte. It really takes a lot of air to get these lower notes to play.
  2. Keep your jaw the same as when playing your low D. It may be tempting to lower your jaw, but this will make it more difficult to play a pure tone. Keep the jaw steady.
  3. Make sure there is sufficient pressure on your reed, with your teeth, through your bottom lip.
  4. If the note still will not come out, keep on trying for a few days. If we are consistent, things can start working by making daily attempts.
  5. Still having problems? The low notes tend to be among the first to go out of alignment/adjustment. You may need to take your instrument to a repair shop. Give yourself at least a week of trying before considering this as an issue.
  6. Send me a recording and I can make suggestions!