Lesson 5


Welcome to Lesson 5!

I hope you are having an outstanding time, and I am confident that you are making the progress you hoped for. If for any reason you are not at the level you expected, please email me so I can make sure you are on the right track. You can succeed on the saxophone!

If you have been working on 1 lesson a week, then you have been playing the saxophone for about 5 weeks now. You can now:

  1. Produce a good saxophone tone
  2. Read music
  3. Play by ear
  4. Play about 14 different notes
  5. Play 4 major scales
  6. Use music theory to figure out any major scale
  7. Articulate correctly

Congratulations and great job! This is something to be proud of. You have gained many skills in a short amount of time. Keep up the good work!

Lesson Overview

We’ll take one more week to review content so we can solidify the basics. However, we will continue with new material for Blue Bells of Scotland.

  • The Embouchure

    Now that you have a few weeks behind you, let’s take a moment to review the embcouhure. Things should become clearer the second time around.

  • Review Notes

    We’ve gone over a lot of notes. Let’s see if you can name them in a quick test.

  • Scales

    Let’s take the time to play through each scale we’ve learned.

  • Blue Bells 3

    Let’s move onto the next section of Blue Bells