Lesson 1


Lesson Overview

  • More Octaves

    It’s nice that there are some things on saxophone that are easy to do. For example, just hit the octave key and you have a new note!

  • The C Major Scale

    This scale doesn’t have any sharps or flats. We’ll go through building the C major scale and playing it.

  • The Whole Note

    We’ll be adding a new rhythm to our mix. The more possibilities, the more fun we’ll have.

  • Exercises with the Whole Note

    Next, we’ll take the whole note and add it to our exercises.

  • Ode to Joy

    Get the next 2 audio tracks for this piece. Let us know what you think about learning music by ear.

  • A New Song

    It’s good to start simple, and that’s exactly what we’ll do with this week’s new song.

Lesson 1 should take about
minutes to complete