How Tuning Can Fix Your Tone

The End

Well it’s finally here! This is the last post in our 18 Tips for a Better Tone series. We’ve made 28 posts on this topic, so it’s likely there is a post that deals specifically with any issues you may have in regards to tone. You can search our blog, or send in a quick email and ask a question. We’ll point you to the post that will help you solve your issue. If we haven’t written about the topic you’re struggling with, then we’ll create a post that does. We’re always here to help! Now, onto our last post in this series.

Tuning Improves Tone

A year and a half ago we wrote a post on how to tune. If you haven’t had a chance to tune your saxophone yet, or you don’t how, just click here and get all the steps for tuning properly. It will improve your tone, and because you’ll be in tune, you’ll sound better!


Especially when you’re a beginner, there are some notes that are difficult to play, or are slow to respond. These are normal issues that people face, and they require consistent practice and correct approaches to the saxophone to resolve.

Getting notes to respond will be extra difficult to accomplish if the mouthpiece is not in the right place. If your mouthpiece is slightly off, you may not notice a difference. However, if you’re far from being in tune, some notes will be much more difficult to play. You can make the saxophone easier to play by simply taking the time to tune your saxophone before and during your practice session.


How does intonation improve your tone?  Well, I don’t know all the acoustical laws that go into it, but I do know that the saxophone is designed to play its best when it’s in tune. If you’re not in tune (or you don’t have the mouthpiece in the right place) the saxophone is not playing to its full tone potential. But if you have the mouthpiece in the right place, the tone opens up, and it becomes richer and warmer.

Problem Solved

Having the mouthpiece in the correct spot and being in tune will not solve all your tone problems. In fact, many of the notes on the saxophone are still out of tune, even when you’re tuning note is spot on. But, if you’re in tune, you’re setting a foundation for success. Your rate of improvement in regards to tone will accelerate and your rewards and enjoyment will come sooner and more often.

Easy Fixes

This may seem too simple to make a difference, but take advantage of easy fixes that improve your tone. It might make a small difference at first, but adding up multiple easy to fix problems can result in big changes in your playing. Don’t let anything (you know how to fix) get by you; take the time to fix it. That’s one of the secrets of a professional.

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Have fun playing!

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