You helped me understand what I was missing in my playing. From what I learned in your lessons, the voice of my sax playing has greatly improved. Thanks
Jermaine Wilkins
I finished the free lessons and loved them. Easy to understand, very detailed and dynamic. That's why I'll start this week with the hobbyist plan.
Jaime Minang
Thank you so very much for your incredibly helpful and practical advice. I had my son do as you suggested...what a huge improvement. My son is also much happier and positive about playing his sax...Thank you again for helping us, your advice is truly invaluable.
Vanessa D'Souza
The way you approach the teaching (is) FANTASTIC. You are teaching with the pupil in mind unlike many others… a Big thank you
Ken Price
The embouchure bit was actually very helpful; that was always something I felt was off in my playing. Those tips instantly put my tone where it needed to be.
Gregory Losco
…your website (is the) best I’ve found…(I) will look no further. (I) play in an old blokes pub jazz band…Your site is so comprehensive…
Derek Brown
This first half year of lessons has been absolutely incredible. I am having fun and learning so much!
Patricia Lofaro
I started with the free lessons from and loved it so much I signed up for the premier lessons! This is a great way to learn the sax at your own pace and get great feedback and pointers. The blog, the FB page, emails and lessons work wonderfully together to get you up and playing well! I have only been doing it for a few months and I have been asked to play a song in my music group already! If you are looking for a great way to learn with input of your instructor, easy to follow lessons, great tips on mouthpieces, reeds, etc. you should sign up for today!
Shana Aitken
I find the course to be invaluable. I have been playing clarinet for a number of decades in several bands from high school district band, college band, a Dixieland Jazz group, and a very large municipal band. Jeff Cunningham has taken a lot of time to critique my soprano sax playing; from improving my embouchure which is different than that of the clarinet; and, holding the soprano sax differently from the clarinet in order to develop a good tone. After many years throwing reeds away, in one of the free lessons Jeff Cunningham showed me how to very easily extend the life of my reeds. I especially appreciate Jeff’s encouragement; he is a great teacher.
Ed Beasley

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