Deadline + Saxophone = Success

How can I get better?

Can you help me?

These are common questions I’m asked. There are many answers to these questions based on the strengths and weaknesses of each student. Here are a few examples of what people hope to improve:

  1. Tone
  2. Reading music
  3. Scales
  4. Playing their favorite songs or in a favorite style
  5. Play fast
  6. Articulation
  7. Vibrato

The Free and Premiere Lessons cover each of these points, and all necessary points for playing the saxophone well. However, there’s one item that I haven’t shared that is important to your success. It too will help you progress faster on the saxophone. It’s called a deadline.

The Deadline

As a educator, and as someone in the workforce, I have discovered a universal method that motivates each one of us: the deadline. There are deadlines in school and there are deadlines at work. In fact, nature even has deadlines (the seasons or a “due date” for a child being born). I want to share with you how you can accelerate the learning process by applying this principal. First of all, what does a deadline do? It motivates you to:

  1. Plan and schedule your time
  2. Not procrastinate- hopefully 🙂
  3. Keep up the work with minimal pauses

I’m sure there are many other points we could come up with, but this list provides a few ideas of how a deadline can motivate. This motivation provides purpose and drive. It allows us to avoid drifting and mediocrity. Here are 2 deadline ideas that can bring purpose and motivation.

The 1st Deadline

If you apply this first deadline you’re motivation and your skill will increase. Here it is:

Set a date to have a performance for friends and family. It could be formal or informal, but it’s important to have a deadline to play for other people. Here’s a scenario: you come home from a long day and you are tired. You may or may not practice.  But you remember that you have a performance in a week. What will you do? Most likely you will practice. Practicing becomes easier and can become more enjoyable because of your deadline. That word doesn’t sound fun does it? But the results from the deadline will be exciting.

The 2nd Deadline

Whether you are taking lessons from me or not, I’ll provide feedback on your playing. This service doesn’t cost anything but is provided to help you get better on the saxophone. You can get all the information here. Feedback will help you progress faster. Why? Because I can share ways to improve your tone, rhythm, articulation, time, etc., based on what I’m hearing. It’s a must for anyone who wants to play an instrument well.

Now, let’s take the idea of feedback and apply it to our deadline. What do you get? Here’s what I would suggest:

Choose a deadline to send a recording to me. I would suggest anywhere from every 2 weeks to once a month. If you want to send in a recording at the end of each week, that would work too.

  1. Set your deadline
  2. Let me know your deadline (this helps you keep your commitment)
  3. Send those recordings in.
  4. You won’t regret it!


What deadline do you want to set? Share your deadlines with us here and let us know how you did when you meet your deadline!

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